The Living Vans of William Brayshaw and Sons

A brief introduction to part of an era almost gone ...

... the behind the scenes home from home of the travelling showman.

Many years ago, when fairgrounds were a staple form of entertainment for the masses, there were many travelling fairs. The people that ran these fairs led an almost nomadic lifestyle, being on the road for many a month during the summer seasons. As well as their work- the bright lights and high volume sounds of the fairground rides - they also needed somewhere to live while away from home ...

The Showman's Living Van was that home from home, a comfortable retreat from the labours of the fairground. These Living Vans were so much more than a caravan: They were built by craftsmen to an extremely high standard of finish.

William Brayshaw & Sons, of Yeadon, near Leeds in Yorkshire, U.K., became to be regarded as one of the premier manufacturers of Living Vans.

I am proud to be a direct descendant of the family. I have become fascinated by these pieces of history and I am trying to find out as much as I can about this aspect of my family's history. As I work on this personal project, I am also aiming to provide, through the Web, a more widely available illustration of what these Vans were, as the travelling fairground's way of life is rapidly becoming extinct in these high technology times.

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